Alaskan ocean blue. A universe of colors swirling to form the binoculars through which one views the world. These eyes had beheld the beauty of the earth. They had been graced with the magnificent nature of the unknown.

As I stare into these beautiful eyes, I find myself lost in the memories that each one held. 30 beautiful years of marriage play out before me. Dancing. Laughter. Sorrow. Rejoicing. Friendship. Love.

It was all there. These pair of eyes play out our history like a movie.


Yes. These eyes belong to the one I’ve loved for 30 years. These eyes belong to my wife.  I had never come across anyone more beautiful. The windows to her soul, I could stare into them for the rest of my life. I wish I could.

I dive deeper into the ocean of beauty only to find myself reliving moments that defined us. She always had a knack for helping me out of tough situations. I knew I could always count on her to help me see a different perspective. More often than not that differing perspective kept me from doing a few incredibly stupid things.

She’s a wonder to behold. Always has been. I remember the very first time I connected my eyes to hers. I had just gotten my tray of food in our high school cafeteria. I’m pretty sure we were having the same old junk but I didn’t care that day. She caught my eye and I couldn’t look away.

Before I knew it, I was laying flat on the ground covered in my lunch. In the midst of falling in love, I must have fallen over an outstretched foot. Laughter filled the entire room but she never hesitated to get up and help me to my feet. I was ashamed but she could only chuckle.

“Grace.” she said as she brushed off the cafeteria slop.

“John.” I couldn’t help but be a little sheepish.

Despite my bashfulness, her eyes took me in and gave me a safe place to stay. Shortly after, we were dating and then a few years later we were married.

Kids? Oh, we had quite a few. 3 boys and 4 girls. There was never a dull moment during their childhood. A rowdy bunch indeed.

Grace wasn’t one for spankin’. She didn’t really need to be. One look from their momma and the kiddos knew that playin’ time was over. That’s all they needed to know that she was serious. I’ve been on the receiving end of those infamous looks. Death never felt closer!

Such a patient woman. She truly embodies the purest of spirits. Glorious. Lovely. Kind. Selfless. Forgiving. My heart…

I can’t help but notice that something is wrong.

Reality pulls me out of our memories. Things are getting hazy. I slowly realize that tears are flowing from my very own eyes. I wipe them away only to remember why I was crying in the first place.

I look up and around me. Smoke billows through the air. Crying fills the air. The windshield of our car was busted through. On the other side, slumping over the hood is the lifeless body of my wife.

The life in her eyes fading.




This post is part of the Daily Prompt. The word today was eyes.

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