Confessions Through Photography: America at a Glance #mattytakesamerica

  Happy (almost) Saturday, my friends! I hope that you all have had a lovely week. I'm thankful that it's over, and that I can enjoy the weekend. For the last month, I have been traveling all over the country working and playing! I've been to Arizona, Florida, and Maryland with only two days back …

Confessions Through Photography: End of the Line

Happy end of Black Friday! I'm sure you're all grateful that the chaos is over and that you can finally get some rest. I ventured out last night around 11:30 and only hit one store. This was my first time going Black Friday Shopping and I was hoping for some wild action. As we entered …

Confessions Through Photography: A Step (Back) In Time

While the rest of the world wastes their time arguing/debating about politics, I decided to do some sightseeing! I'm in Florida this weekend scrawling down the coast over the next two days. I had a college fair in Jacksonville this morning with no pressing need to get my to next stop. I don't get many …

Confessions Through Photography: Beauty in the Storm

Anyone who has ever taken a landscape photo knows that there is one thing that can make or break any scene: clouds. Yes, those airy blobs of *insert scientific term here* floating through the sky are often the highlight of a picture, or the demise. It's funny, because sometimes if the clouds aren't great - …

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